Which is the best dog food for German shepherd?

The German shepherd is a potent dog with muscular body and has large appetite for food. This dog grabbed the attention of the people during world war especially for its courage, loyalty, incredible strength and intelligence. In fact after the completion of the world war, these dogs had already created its position, as a most popular and intelligent dog in the world. Still this dog remains to be the one of the most popular dogs in the world. Its nature is extremely playful and fun-loving and this makes this dog as a great companion and darling for many people. Also this breed is a fast learner and make attention to the training well, where owners are more than secure of having the well skilled dog at home.

Growing a German shepherd dog is not an easiest thing because it has some food constraints and requires a constant monitoring. In which you cannot just feed the German shepherd dog blindly as like feeding to other breeds because there are some foods which you need to avoid from getting health issues. The following are some of the best dog food for German shepherd available in the market. They are:

  • Holistic select large and giant breed puppy health dog foods
  • Purina beyond grain-free adult canned dog food
  • Wilderness blue buffalo high protein
  • Precise holistic complete adult formula
  • Royal canin junior dry dog food

The above dog foods contain the primary ingredients like meal, oatmeal, chicken fat, chicken, ground brown rice, chicken meal. In which the each food types adjust the food’s calcium and phosphorous levels present in the dog for attaining the full size. Click this link here now and read reviews for the most popular organic dog food brands and products.

Best homemade food for German shepherd dog

The following are the best dog food for German shepherd which can be prepared at home and these foods are rich in protein, calcium, vitamin and minerals and also they provide essential nutrients to the breed for better health.

  • Ragi and rice – It is a mild food that suits to the weak stomach of the German shepherd helping it to keep its digestion related problems under the control. In which you can also serve it as boiled rice which is easy to digest and chew where the white rice is better than the brown or red rice.
  • Milk – This helps in maintaining the calcium level of the dog and it provides the protection against the tooth decay.
  • Porridge – It is the one of the preferred food of the dogs and German shepherd to like this in which you can give a bowl of natural oat porridge to this breed once in week that too without adding sugar or salt to the meal.

The above foods will provide the breed high energy and increased protein and nutrient, makes the breed to be active and healthy.